New Zealand is in a state of lawlessness and this is the Head of the Snake......


Chief Justice Sian Elias is the Jewish woman in charge of the Justice System and it is a total failure - it is a domestic terrorist organization that she is running.


The corrupt MP's come and go - but the child abuse, meth trafficking, pedophilia and crime continue. The corrupt / Bolshevik judges specialise in protecting pedophiles and refuse to uphold New Zealand laws - and the blame needs to be laid squarely at the feet of chief judge Sian Elias. They are a gang of Masonic inflitrators & snakes tasked with destroying New Zealand from within.


- Sian Elis stands accused of being Mossad's top Sayanim spy in New Zealand

(treason - 13 years in jail) .

- She stands accused of ordering the murder of historian Michael King

(murder - life in jail)

- She stands accused of ordering the murder of New Zealand journalist Greg Hallett

(attempted murder - 14 years in jail)

- She stands accused of running the mafia in New Zealand, as well as the child sex trafficking industry.

(life in prison - in the men's jail)


If Kiwis want to take their Country back from these Bolshevik invaders - it starts with the arrest, detainment and trial of Sian Elias - as well as all other judges who have protected pedophiles, covered up murders and otherwise failed to uphold the laws of New Zealand.


Please sign the petition below to have the New Zealand Police arrest Sian Elias and charge her with the above mentioned crimes. This petition will be delivered to the Chief of NZ Police - and if he will not do his job, an arrest order for him will be issued also.


These people are promoting pedophilia and protecting pedophiles in our communities - they even bail pedophiles and murderers right next door to their victims. They are - to quote author Greg Hallett - a crime creation movement, posing as a justice system and right behind the agenda to try and normalise pedophilia in New Zealand. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.They are enforcing Jewish Talmudic Law - not NZ laws.




(video evidence & accusations below)

(Link to accusations Sian Elias murdered Michael King)

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New Zealand - it is time to stop the ROT - and it starts with the arrest of Sian Elias